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Get A Car Inspection If Your Engine Oil Is Leaking

Engine Oil Change

Engine oil is not something to play around with. From the quality of your oil to its age, this lubricant is essential in keeping your engine parts running smoothly while protecting them from overheating. The very idea that an engine leak can occur is troubling, and even more disturbing are the drivers who ignore the signs that it’s time for a full car inspection beyond a simple engine oil change. Overheating on the side of the road is the last thing anyone wants, but it can happen if the signals of an oil leak go ignored. Here are some ways to identify this issue to see if a car inspection is needed, beyond simply keeping an eye on your engine oil light.Oil Change Service

Smoke Signals

There are a few symptoms of engine oil problems that are smoke related, for instance, if your vehicle is ejecting blue smoke from your tailpipe, this may indicate that oil has begun leaking on the engine itself. Another symptom includes a smokey engine which may occur if oil started dripping on the exhaust manifold. If this issue goes unresolved, it can cause gaskets to collapse, as well as harm to the car’s oxygen sensors. While driving or after your daily drive, use your sense of smell to search for a burning oil odor. If you consistently smell burning oil, this can indicate that oil is leaking onto vital parts of the engine. In any of these cases, it would be wise to go in for a professional Jiffy Lube car inspection to see if you need serious engine work or just an oil change service.

Puddle Colors

As a kid, I use to think any degree of a puddle forming beneath a vehicle was a terrible thing. Now that I’m older, I know that most puddles are composed of water dripping from the air condition system. However, the color of the puddle can tell the driver about a range of issues and in the case of engine oil leakage, the color is brown. Red for transmission fluid, green for coolant, but brown certainly tells you it’s time for a Jiffy Lube car inspection. Lastly, if your engine oil is lowering over time, you’ll be able to tell by watching your oil dipstick closely during a traditional oil change service.Jiffy Lube Car Inspection

What To Do

If your engine turns out to be leaking, the problems causing the leak can include oil pan leaks, improper oil seals, or deteriorating engine gaskets to say just a few. Some mechanics can perform an engine oil change, but if you’re unfamiliar with checking the timing cover seal, oil drain plug, or the valve cover gaskets, let a professional handle the task. By receiving a yearly Jiffy Lube car inspection to determine if it’s time for an oil change service, you’ll be able to stay on top of these engine oil leak problems, and in your lane, instead of the side of the road.


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